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Total Medals Earned: 15 (From 4 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 80 Points


Medals Earned: 2/3 (15/40 points)

Multiples 5 Points

Hey look there's more than one of me

Slaves? 10 Points

So trapping them and not letting them finish is okay?

Complete 25 Points

You completed the game

Indie Ana Jones

Medals Earned: 1/70 (5/500 points)

Diamond 5 Points

find the Diamond

Ankh 5 Points

Find the Ankh

Arcade Ghost 5 Points

Win the arcade ghost levels

Arcade Pac Man 5 Points

Win all Arcade Pac Man levels

Banana 5 Points

Get the Banana

Bananas 5 Points

Find the bananas

Bird 5 Points

Hear the sing of the bird

Block of gold 5 Points

Find the block of gold

Bury head 5 Points

perform a Bury Head Dead

Cherry Gold 5 Points

Find the Cherry Gold

Crystal cross 5 Points

Find the crystal cross

Death Row 5 Points

Perform a death row

Explosive Ana 5 Points

Perform an Explosive Ana

Fish hook 5 Points

Find the golden fish hook

Flower Power 5 Points

Perform a Flower Power Death

Ganondorf soup day 5 Points

Add special flavor to Ganondorf´s soup

Golden Bangle 5 Points

Find the Golden Bangle

Golden Eagle 5 Points

Fix the Golden Eagle

Golden glasses 5 Points

Find the Golden Glasses

Golden Heart 5 Points

Find the Golden Heart

Golden Orange 5 Points

find the golden orange

Goron pottery 5 Points

Find the Goron Pottery

Hell Coin Collector 5 Points

Find the Hell Coin Collector Certificated

Honey 5 Points

Find Honey

Jade amulet 5 Points

find the Jade amulet

Keaton mask 5 Points

Find the Keaton Mask

Majoras Mask 5 Points

Find the Majoras mask

Mario Cantinflas 5 Points

Find Cantinflas

Mask of truth 5 Points

Find the Mask of truth

mushroom reunited 5 Points

A good act for a mushroom mom and son

Onyx Cat 5 Points

Find the Onyx Cat

Pearl 5 Points

Find the Pearl

Puddle Coin Collector 5 Points

Find the Puddle coin collector

Rupee 5 Points

Find a Rupee

Silver coin 5 Points

Find the Silver coin

Spikes 5 Points

Perform a Spike dead

Strawberry gold 5 Points

Find the Strawberry gold

The Crown 5 Points

Find the Crown

The keys 5 Points

Make a good action by helping the keys

The Ring 5 Points

Find the ring

Ambar idol 10 Points

Find the Ambar idol

Amethyst idol 10 Points

Find the Amethyst idol

Ant coin collector 10 Points

Get the Ant coin collector cerfificate

Arcade coin collector 10 Points

Get the Arcade coin collector certificate

Barbara Blade 10 Points

Find Barbara Blade

Bee crown 10 Points

Find the Bee crown

Billy Idol 10 Points

Find the Billy Idol

Chuck Jones 10 Points

Find Chuck Jones

Diary of Bridget Jones 10 Points

Find the Diary of Bridget Jones

DK coin collector 10 Points

Get the DK coin collector

Elton Jones 10 Points

Find Elton Jones

Emerald idol 10 Points

Find the Emerald Idol

Garnet idol 10 Points

Find the Garnet idol

Hive coin collector 10 Points

Get the Hive coin collector certificate

Indian A. Jones 10 Points

Find Indian A. jones

Jade idol 10 Points

Find the Jade idol

La Melona 10 Points

Find La Melona

La Melona Coin Collector 10 Points

Get La melona coin collector certificate

Mario bros coin collector 10 Points

Get the Mario bros coin collector

Maya the calendar 10 Points

Find Maya the calendar

Necklace 10 Points

Find the Necklace

Onyx Idol 10 Points

Find the Onyx Idol

Osmosis Jones 10 Points

Find Osmosis Jones

Papa Jones 10 Points

Find Papa Jones

Pitfall coin collector 10 Points

Get the pitfal coin collector

Red skull idol 10 Points

Find the red skull idol

Ruby Idol 10 Points

find the Ruby idol

The Mommy 10 Points

Find the Mommy

Thumb Rider 10 Points

Find Thumb Rider

Turquoise Idol 10 Points

Find the Turquoise Idol

Merry Christmas Tom Fulp

Medals Earned: 1/2 (5/55 points)

Gift Giver 5 Points

you gave tom your gift!

Gift Giver Pro 50 Points

Give tom 10,000 gifts

NG's 20th Anniversary Collab

Medals Earned: 11/33 (55/380 points)

Alien Hominid 5 Points

from Alien Hominid

Beebo 5 Points

from BEEBO

Blockhead 5 Points

from Blockhead

Cat Face & Box Cat 5 Points

from Cat Face

Eva 5 Points

from Miss Dynamite

Foamy 5 Points

from the Neurotically Yours series

Hank 5 Points

from the Madness series

Kerrigan 5 Points

from Kerrigan and the Frog, etc.

Tankgirl 5 Points

from Newgrounds

Time Fcuk 5 Points

from Time Fcuk

Zoe 5 Points


A-Bot 5 Points

from the Audio Portal

Bitey 5 Points

from the Brackenwood series

Chocolate Man & Cripple Boy 5 Points

from Nameless

Detective Nwar 5 Points

from NWAR

Edd Gould 5 Points

from Eddsworld

Fernando 5 Points

from the Greasy Moose series

Icky 5 Points

from the No Evil series

Jerry 5 Points

from Jerry

Kenstar 5 Points

from Girlchan in Paradise

Larry 5 Points

from LARRY

Leo & Satan 5 Points

from Leo & Satan

Pico 5 Points

from Pico's School

Salad Fingers 5 Points

from Salad Fingers

ZONE-tan 5 Points

from ZTV News

Alternative 10 Points

Try out a mini-games' alternate keys!

Curious 10 Points

Link to a figurine's original submission!

Prepared 10 Points

Control the hands in the mini-game select screen!

Bookworm 25 Points

Read the story!

Collector 25 Points

Look at the figurines!

Film buff 25 Points

Watch the movie!

Casual 50 Points

Find all the mini-games' Easter eggs!

Hardcore 100 Points

Beat every mini-game!