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WOW this sick animation makes me look at mc in a different way! :D

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It has a lot and a lot of potential, but controls are too difficult to learn for me, the difficulties are really hard... i cant beat hard mode. Please consider this, I find this game really fun overall.

THIS IS SO FUN AND ADDICTING!!! My best score so far is 41 seconds!

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I love the atmosphere you created! The bass synth that is like a horn is epic and intense af, i love it so much, but I think you shouldn't use it too much or else it loses its meaning (only use it in buildups and important parts). The composition is nice but it can use some more countermelodies other than the reverb synth in the background to make it more interesting. The mix is pretty good but sometimes it can sound pretty cluttered and hard to understand what is going on (mostly because that bass sound is pretty loud and taking up the entire frequency spectrum). Overall, I really enjoyed this cinematic piece! Good luck in the contest!

SuperTonic64 responds:

Thanks so much Clockbeat! I appreciate your great review and feedback. ^_^ I'll go back to the shop for my next one!

- ST64

Very good cinematic work! Love the atmosphere you create but be careful of the amount of reverb you put on each instrument, it gets a little muddy in the mids and some of the lows. Use more eq, many sounds are clashing with each other, especially with those drums that take up almost the whole frequency spectrum. But the composition is excellent, you would be an amazing composer for movies if you learned how to mix better, and try investing in some better string and brass sounds (although I myself don't have very good string and brass sounds I know that it will pay off for you in the future). You have a lot of potential, keep up the good work ;)

SplatterDash responds:

The reverb has been the one thing I included a lot on this, and the more I listen to the second half the more I realize that was a mistake. Funny enough, I still have yet to really introduce myself fully to EQing, as Live Lite only includes an EQ Three which I barely use. The drums were also one of the things I was worried about making this - in both pieces that inspired this, the drums are really out there, which is what I aimed for in this, but I also wanted to be careful as I couldn't compress it (there would be weird fades around the drums if I did) and considering how limited my options are for production... yeah. Still, thank you for the advice! Hopefully I can enter into something like NGADM in the future and get myself some better strings or brass from that lol

Your dubstep is always perfect. Isolated is also one of my favorites. Love this can't wait for more dubstep!

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Its good but its hard to tell what this art is, and I think there is too much sparkle for my taste xD
Keep up the good work :)

DanielGalaxy712 responds:

Hmmm...😃 its interesting . ( your respond ) . I have version without sparkles , and this more worst that this . But is your taste . Thanks for honestly respond ! And i too dont know on what similary this picture , but once time anybody tell me , what this similar with mind , and i think - its MIND ! And i want keep good work ! ;) And one more Thanks ! :)

WOW! I did not expect you to improve this quickly! One thing though: the white arrows pointing out can glow a little (the background near the arrows can be lighter) so the arrows blend in more with the background. The background is excellent, amazing job! Keep up the good work!!!

DanielGalaxy712 responds:

Real Thanks ! In future maybe i made new arts . :)
But i have a scanty abilities for edit works , sorry ;)

I can see the improvement over time for your art, and I know you can get better with a lot of time and practice! Try to experiment more with digital art like Kamikaye, keep practicing :)

DanielGalaxy712 responds:

Thanks ! I use this advice ( maybe ...)
But work with digital problematic for me - i use tablet - i hasnt PC .
I keep practice in art ;)

Young electronic music producer that makes music as a hobby, hoping to be a professional, "real" one, in the future.


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